Logo designing  is very important part of a website because it represents  as  the identity of website so one should have the best logo for our website . 

With the absence of a good logo for any business weather it is small or big will fight a uphill battle  when it starts to come with a good name and brand recognition .

Mainly there are two key points to remember to design your logo design process.
Logo Text :- In a logo design , the company’s name is as important as any graphic or picture that accompanies it. So one must use eye catchy and professional fonts for the logo designing web designer.

Images and Graphics :- Images and graphics are the key visuals about a logo. Many people remember the the image of the logo because the images are catch-able easily on the website.
Whether the company logo is jpeg, bmp or any other type,  images  are recognition component for the company business promotion.
So a good logo maker design is very compulsory for any business promotion. A good looking logo is the first step for creating a solid brand recognition 
List of free Logo Designing Websites :-