First of all you have to  click on this link and down download the zip file from File Download menu

Installing instruction for the php form :-
  • Just Edit the file popup-contactform.php and update your recent mail address to which mail will be delivered.
  • Now you have to Upload the entire folder to your web site.
See the page a-page.php for an how it will work for your website
  •   Include the file popup-contactform.php at the beginning of your php file
  •   Link contact.css in the <head> section of your page
  •    PHP contactform-code.php at end of your php file (it should be between <body> & </body>)

If you want to open the Popup form on clicking a link, use the code below:
<a href=’javascript:fg_popup_form(“fg_formContainer”,”fg_backgroundpopup”);’
>Contact us</a>
Here is the sample popup form
You can customize almost every aspect of this form.
 For more information and any query simply contact us