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What Is Seo And How Search Engine Works- Introduction

When a user search a query on the internet like you search for India on a search engine like google. Then you get results according to your query. Mostly search engine tries to show the best results according to your query.

If you notice that some of the websites are on the top and others are on first, second page according to search algorithm. All this ranking of websites happens due to their strong internet marketing techniques called as search engine optimization.

Seo helps search engine to rank your website better than millions of website over the internet.

The main of seo is to help you to get traffic from search engines like google, bing, yahoo, baidu etc.

How a search engine works?

This is the main curious question in the mind of a techie. How a search engine like google shows us the best results according to you query (wiki Seo). First thing is to keep in your mind that search engine is not a human being. Search engines are driven to text only. They can’t even read image and graphics. It can read only text and text.

The main process taken by the search engines are given as follows:-

  • Crawling
  •  Indexing
  • Processing
  •  Calculating Relevancy
  •  Retrieving Result

First of all search engine crawls over the internet to see what is there to show you by the use of a software called crawler.  Web crawler comes oftens to your website 1 day, 7 days or in a month according to change is the content of your website. You can also check weather a search engine crawled your website or not upto date. 
Updated: November 9, 2014 — 9:45 pm

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