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Best Tips To Boost Your Wi-Fi System

In today world Internet is our lifeline and nothing is possible without internet. Wi Fi has totally changed or you can say that made our life so simple and wireless. But it causes a lot of pain when we suffer from low wifi signal and low speed internet. So check out the tips to boost up your wifi system.

  1. Be sure that your wifi router is placed at the center of your house.
  2. Neve hide the router behind TV, curtains etc. Keep your router out in the open for free signal and better strength. 
  3. Always Use the latest Wi-Fi technology. This includes up-to-date hardware and software.
  4. Never leave your router on the floor. Because wifi transmits signal downwards, keep your router above the surface.
  5. Keep your router away from other electronic devices likes tv, cordless phones and microwaves
  6. Beware of Wi-Fi thieves. Put strong WPA passwords for your router.
  7. Measure your signal strength to resolve out where it’s weak.
  8. Always Keep upgrading your wifi router’s software.
  9. Make sure your ISP isn’t the problem. We often get confused with this. 
  10. Just do a quick speed test : with Wi-Fi, and with your computer plugged directly into the router. If both slow then your ISP is the problem; if only Wi-Fi is slow then you need to get your router fixed.

Updated: August 9, 2015 — 4:51 pm

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