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10 Easy Steps to make free website

The trend of on-line shopping and the business is steadily growing. And businesses have to buy a product, you are working with the help of the website. So, if you want to make your website. If you do not have to spend money for it. Indeed, you can develop free website. For this you just need to follow the 10 simple steps.

free website

Step Number -1
Selecting the name of the website
His name is the first step in creating a website. What is the purpose of making the website should be clear about it. So you can use the right name. For example, the website selling books, so his name should be on the books. Similarly, if they are made to your personal publicity then it should be top of your name. Overall, the website must be named according to his work.
Examples :-

  • The name of the job website
  • Electronic electronstore, electrocity, etc …
  • Fashion, newfashion etc
  • Books, magazines, book, onlinebook, etc …
  • Personal myintro, myintroduction, etc …

Note the name of the website are shown, they are just for example. The name may already have a website. The website users while making use of your favourite names

Step Number -2
Free Service to Site Selection
If the user makes the free website is to select a website for him, which is a free service. However, the options are reduced, as most site users take months or years some payment. Free service is the website, they also provide your website with a sub domain. Suppose you go to host.com Free website built, but his name will yoursite.host.com.
Free website service provider to make certain the site: –
  • WordPress with Angelfire
  • Drupal with Google Sites
  • Webs with Webnode
Step No. 3.
Service features Compare
Free website service provider before making sure to compare all the features of the website. Indeed, the site offers free service to their certain time limit. So after a while you will have to pay for your website. Czech is crucial that you make sure the limit. Additionally, the fact that Free website also upload time media such as photos, videos, I’m not a charge.
Keep these things in mind: –
  • Free website or not you are getting all the facilities.
  • Many sites take charge of media to upload.
  • You get tools to work according to need or not
Step No. 4
Work according to the theme selection
When this selection should make sure that what is Free website, then select the first theme. The most important part of any website’s theme. You have seen that news, fashion, shopping, video, music or other website’s theme is different. So, you work for the site are made to the same theme. Theme templates, style, what kind of format of this note. Before making your website site survey should be linked to any users. So, with the theme templates and other ideas can be found.
The selection of things to be perfect:
  • Colour Themes
  • Templates
  • Style
Step No.5
Website Design
Free Service to design a site that the construction program will give you the website, they are available on the site. Suppose you select a theme, then it has already fixed format. However, the present position of the element you can manually select your account.
  • Web construction is to place the text and image.
  • You can simply drag and drop files.
  • Website is on-line editing facility.
  • Your web host gives permission can upload the HTML file
Step No. -6
Website Related content
Why are you making this website, it can benefit anyone. The content must enter this information on your website can increase the number of users who visit. Suppose you have created a website for business, then what kind of business and you are going to do business through. What are some of the cell. The information you must enter. Indeed, when users search for content related data will be Sjest your website name. Moreover, over time, continue to update the content.
Step No. -7
Website to Publish
Put all the information you submit and publish websites. It will be published as soon as you see the first. Ie the theme and format for your website that was designed with the same complexion will look. Ie you website is designed for the work that she is ready for her. Remember, you prepare the domain website that asks you at the beginning of your mail account. The login ID and password to edit the website is also given. After your website is published, it can be seen worldwide.
Step No. -8
How much it costs to upgrade
May be free to become your website. Additionally, without the clutter of your theme, templates and other things are, but also aware of the fact that in the coming days will have to spend on it. Indeed, the website is very important to make the following update. Additionally, it may have to add too many features. So, this should also note that in the process you may have to spend. The website is created and you have a business purpose that is increasing its reach, then you can not switch to another domain.
Step No. -9
Website to Growing
You want to grow your website so it is also the easiest and free Tricks social media. The social media website such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other can share. Additionally, if you are a product of cell can share it with price and features. Others talk of the benefits your business can share. The link will open when a user posts and appeals to your website, then it will also be mouth publicity. That would be way too busy growing.
Step number -10
Earnings and Updates
Pocket for your website until now has had no money to spend. Not only because of the free publicity can start your earnings. Maybe, you may get ads. For which ever you get paid. If everything is OK and you have created a website for the work, it succeeds, continue to update the website. The big advantage is updating the format of the site and change the information. He always persists in leading search engines.
Updated: September 13, 2015 — 7:33 pm

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