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Web Design In the MIX with SEO

Web Design In the MIX with SEO
A website design must be complimented with great seo. A good website design can be a visual perfectionist,but if that visual has bad coding on the inside, then your website wont really take you anywhere.

The Two Main Reasons Why To Open A Website:

1- Showcase your Brand. A website is a great virtual way to showcase what a company is about and what a company has to offer to the world.
2-Second Outlet of Exposure. Websites are great outlets to getting future clients. This is one of the main reasons why a great design must be complimented with great seo.

5 Quick SEO Tricks For Your Website
1-Order your H Tags. Place your H Tags from the most important to least important.  The most important H Tag should of course start with the H1 Tag. The H1 Tag is the main key phrase that relates to your website, but also the main key phrase that should be a type of message you want to get across to your viewers.
2-Unique Words. Make sure you website contains a great amount of unique words in the content. Unique words are always favored by google because as they are more descriptive and real.
3-Compression. Compressing your CSS Files will save you much room and make your website load up faster.
4-Keyword Selection. Never over stuff your meta tags with keywords or general keywords. Use quality keywords that uniquely relate to your brand.
5-Meta Tags. Meta Tags are the most important part of SEO. They tell google if robots should follow you and what category you represent on the web. Avoid having duplicate meta tags on your web pages. Make it all custom!
2 Ways to Free Market

OnPage SEO– Write Blogs: Start up a blog on your website. Its completely free and fun to do. Writing about things that relate to your business category and content that will attract individuals who are interested in that specific piece of info will ultimately increase your web views and possible future clients.
OffPage SEO– Social Accounts: Social Accounts are favored by google. Using social accounts like Facebook or twitter once a day can help you increase your fan base from a social outlet.
Sum up the Mix!

A great website must be placed up in the spotlight. Fixing up a visual web design with clean coding on the inside is a great achievement for a business. It will lead to a professional appearance on the web and higher visibility on search engines! 

Updated: November 24, 2017 — 9:47 am

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