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Top 5 Tips For a Perfect Landing Page for Leads

What is a Landing page  

A page that  we want our target audience to land upon when they are searching for something related to our services.

A landing pages should be designed keeping user psychology and SEO in mind e.g. what key problem he wants to solve, what device he is accessing our landing page from and the main question is what going to make them convert. This is the mail question because this is how we convert a visitor into customer:
Our landing page must be designed according latest On page SEO trend.


Keep in mind below things while designing a Landing Page:

  • Let’s talk about YOU first. How would you make your life simple? Removing away the things which make are not important. This makes you feel free and you can focus on the things with higher priority in your life. This is the key Rule to be Happy and have peace.
  • Remember this when your life getting complex and you feel yourself in a mess. Remove the distraction totally and feel free. Focus on the things which are important.
  • Just focus on what is the most important things you want. And you have to keep your focus only on those things.
  • To keep your focus on the top priority things, you have to remove the things with least priority which are just distractions.
  • This will make your life simple.
  • Don’t confuse yourself with simplicity and over-simplicity.
  • Simplicity is when you remove things which are not required and you’ll feel free after removing things. 
  • Those things were not adding any value or you can get the same from other things.
  • Over-Simplicity is when you remove things which create a Void. You can’t fill that space with anything else.

 Now Let’s talk about Landing pages. We have to give complete details to our users for their pain point and don’t let them get confused with lots of things which are not required for them..
  • Try it Yourself: I want you to work on a single landing page of our website and then create a list what is required to add and what is required to remove.

 First Impression is the last impression

  • We have heard that quote hundreds of time. And we accept that too. When you meet someone for the first time, you try to put a good impression on him.
  • Let there is a person which you admire the most, are you got a chance to meet him for the first time. 
  • How would you make your first impression more Effective?
  • Here is the key: just keep quiet and try to listen first before you speak, this will give you little hint what that person is. 
  • You can take your next step and SPEAK. But wait, what you are going to speak.
  • Think before you speak. What are you best at, and what one thing that the person wants to listen? Speak it.
  • Your headline – of your landing page. This is the first thing your audience is going to read. So be careful before selecting your Headline.
  • Study about your target audience, and how they are going to reach your website and what is their pain point you are going to solve.

Do you know what else is required to make a good impression?
How you present yourself? What you are wearing. People will notice this even before you speak your first word. 

So wear nice dress, and select the color that suits you.
Your landing page should hold the same thing – Use nice images, and a classic color combination.
 Don’t let anybody wait too much:
  • You require to submit a report this evening. You need your teammate in getting something done in that report. You asked them to complete that and he said he’ll do the same after lunch. . After lunch he is started doing something else and not taking interest in your task. 
  • You requested again. He again said he’ll do in the evening. And in the evening he said it will take some more time.
  • At last you did it with the help of another team mate.
  • Would you try to assign any important work to him again?
  • I don’t think you would.
  • Same with your website visitors. If your landing page is taking too much time to load or not giving quick response, your visitors will go away and get their work done by another company.

Updated: November 24, 2017 — 9:47 am

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