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5 Apps To Get Free In-App Purchase in Android

Hello readers, majority of us today are android users and tend to play games. Many games comes with in-app purchase feature that guides you to a video or any other site so that you can increase your energy, coins and many more in games. 

But do you know that there are some apps that allow you to get free in-app purchase ? Yes, there are some. So let’s have look on some of these apps that allow free in-app. Here are some of them:

Apps To Get Free In-App Purchase in Android

android apps

1. Freedom

Freedom apk is also a good app to hack in-app purchases for free. It enables you to get free coins, jewels, level and lives for free of cost and saves your hard earned money. The latest version of this app is available on internet. This app is available for all latest versions of android. This app will definitely save your cash and give you free app.


• It allows you to save your hard earned money by hacking in paid applications.
• Allows you to earn coins, lives and gold for free of cost.
• Also available for android marshmallow version.

2. CreeHack

CreeHack no root is an android application that allows users to hack android games without even rooting android mobiles. This app enables you to hack android games and increase your money, coins and jewels unlimited. This app has a very simple user interface.  It allows you to hack in android games easily without any problem.


• It allows you to increase unlimited jewels and gold.
• This app is very small in size.
• Most of the games are hack able.
• Able to bypass payment gateway.

3. AppSara v1.0


AppSara is similar to creehack. This app is used for in App purchases and hack your android mobile games with no need to root. This app supports more than 50+ android games to hack in android app purchases. You can hack in the app purchases with no root easily. But if you game is not there in the supported list of games then you need to root you android device first.


• This app can hack in-app purchases
• This app supports hacking of more than 50+ android games.
• Like other apps no root required in supported games.

4. LuckyPatcher

Thisapp is also an android app to hack in-app purchases without even rooting your mobile device. This app allows you to hack android Google play store and download paid applications on your android device very easily and for free. You can easily remove license from any game. This app doesn’t work on the online game because to do that you need to hack server of online game that is very tedious and next to impossible.


• Supports hack in-app purchase and any android app other than online games.
• It allows you to remove license of app and games.

5. Leo PlayCard

Thisapp is One of the best alternative app of the above mentioned apps. This app has an inbuilt free play card available just like CreeHack and Lucky Patcher app. You can use this inbuilt card on Google play store. This app will not work on “Gunship Battle” game because of changed security mechanism.


• Able to hack in-app purchases with no root.
• It allows you to bypass any app payments easily.
• Hacks unlimited apps for free.
            So these were some of the app that will allow to perform free in-app purchases. Even you can hack licensed applications as well. These apps will definitely save your money and allow you to have full access of android applications.

Updated: November 24, 2017 — 9:47 am

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