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How to Recover from Google Panda and Penguin Updates

Google rolled the Panda update in 2011 to remove the low quality content from its search engines. Before the Panda update, SEO techniques were more focused on the quantity rather than quality. By changing the search algorithm, Google has emboldened its commitment to entertain only blog posts or sites with good quality content.  

Steps to recover from Panda barrier

Quality of the content :-

Content quality is utmost important to beat the Google Panda. A thorough research is required before writing the content. Ensure you add only information that is relevant to the topic. Complete and detailed information is sure to add better user value to the content. Users can make use of tools that are designed to help in effective keyword research.  Linking of the content towards the actual source is also a very good step forward to ensure good content quality. More focus should be given in increasing the word content of the articles or blog posts that help give you better search engine rankings. The images or any videos to be included with the content should also be relevant and unique. Last but not the least; you cannot afford to make grammatical mistakes.

Duplicate Content :-
Plagiarism is something that is unacceptable for Google. Google appreciates unique content that is written in your own way. There are even tools that can be integrated with your website for receiving the backlinks. If you think the content in your own site is getting duplicated, then it is desirable to use smarter plugins that would solve the problem instantly.

Problem solving articles :-

The most read category of articles is definitely ‘How-to’ kind of articles. People like to know how some of their queries get resolved through a step by step explanation. Since it usually resolves a problem, these kinds of articles are always high on demand.

SEO Construction :-
The comprehensive structure of an SEO matters a lot in achieving a better search engine standing.
  • Relevant links and website pages can be effortlessly accessed
  • Meta values for content can be edited
  • Sitemap submission in Google
  • User-friendly and search-engine friendly indexing techniques are followed
Social Media :-
It is good to make your website presence felt on popular social media websites such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter etc.

Keep Track of Analytics :-
Keep a keen watch on every analytics and statistics associated with the content and turn them to enhance the search engine rankings.

Penguin Update to prevent spamming
Penguin algorithm was introduced to remove web spam. Three detailed parameters of SEO have to be avoided by each and every websites.

Things to avoid

Unethical Link building :-
If the link building process through back links and lead generations are deemed to have occurred through unnatural means, then it can be termed as web spam since it does not comply with the overall content quality. Google penalizes those websites which have involved in unethical practices of building unfaithful link building process.

Discriminatory SEO practices :-
Google penalizes websites that take part in discriminatory SEO practices like using techniques that increases the SERP rankings by means of violating the search engine guidelines.

Unnecessary addition of bulk keywords :-
Some websites try to include keywords in bulk numbers within the article or web content so as to improve their search engine rankings. The content might not be necessarily of good quality and adding bulk keywords reduces the quality and overall natural flow of the content.

Tips to beat Penguin

A few tips to overcome the barriers posed by Penguin update.
  • Remove low quality backlinks if any
  • Follow a natural link building procedure
  • Encourage relevant content that is informative and useful
  • Include creative content
  • Say no to duplicate contents
  • Keep the keyword density between 2 to 4%
The trends suggest Google Panda and Penguin updates to encourage only content with high quality to get better search engine rankings. Try to refine the content with unique and relevant information to get the advantage from Panda and Penguin updates.

About The Author :-
This article is written by Vikas ashyap. He is a professional technical writer with an experience of more than 4 years. His has written a lot of contents and now writing for web designing services, software testing, mobile applications, software development and many more related topics.

Updated: November 24, 2017 — 9:47 am

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