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Top 8 Common Beginner Blogger Mistakes to Avoid in Future

If you love writing, you may put your passion into use and even earn from it by starting a blog. There are free blog and paid blogging platforms out there that you can sign up for. Creating an account is usually quick and easy enough, but that is just the beginning. Maintaining and managing your blog is an ongoing process that takes hard work and dedication — that is, if you wish to succeed in it.

You stand to gain a lot when you blog. The most important one is the personal satisfaction you get from getting your knowledge and your ideas out there, and having others read and respond to what you share. You actually get to help people by sharing what you know and what you experience. The process also helps you learn in return because writing about a certain topic compels you to do quite a bit of studying and research, which in turn enriches and enhances what you already know.


Blogging can also continue to sharpen your writing skills. Constantly going at it would help you communicate more freely and more effectively, and this may lead the way to professional writing gigs in the future.

And finally, blogging opens up a lot of opportunities to earn some money, serious money that is, once you get your blog established. Aside from offering your services or products to your followers, other ways of earning include affiliate marketing and advertisements.

As a beginner, expect to face difficult roads ahead. It wouldn’t be perfect as you would be making newbie mistakes, which is completely normal. However, many bloggers have made some of these mistakes before, and you now have the opportunity to learn from their experience, so you can avoid making these mistakes yourself.

Our info graphic contains the usual beginner errors that novice bloggers usually make. We want you to take them as lessons in your blogging career.
See the well-prepared illustration here.

Updated: November 24, 2017 — 9:47 am

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