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Photoshop-Creating Text on a Circular Path In Tutorial

We can easily make a circular text effect in Photoshop For this, we must add text around to a path. We can Shape Tools like the Polygon tool or the Ellipse Tool etc. It is also very beneficial if we are making circle text logo or emblem logo for someone.  So check the simple and easy tutorial […]

“The reference to entity XX must end with the delimiter” XML ERROR”-Error Fix

Congrats for Ad Sense approval, This error occurs when you try to put ad sense java script code in to your xml document Many of the people are familiar with this error “reference to entity XX must end with the” whenever we tries to put these types of codes in blogger xml or any xml […]

Quickly Change DPI Of Hundreds Of Images Using Batch Process In Photoshop

Change dpi of images in bulk using batch processing and recording actions in Adobe Photoshop Hello FriendsI am a web designer and i usually gets an issue that we have images about 300 or more (as per the situation) in 72dpi and client wants in 300 dpi (dots per inch). What is DPI?Dots per inch […]

Easily Redirect Your Domain Name To Your Facebook Page

How To Redirect Your Domain Name To Your Facebook Page? Friends if you’ve just got your domain but you’have not built your website then What should you do? Well if you’re active on Facebook and you have a Facebook page for your domain then you can forward your domain name to your Facebook page.  It […]

Color Combinations and Color Schemes Samples To Build An Impressive Website

Samples For Color Combinations and Color Schemes Website designing is art art and not everybody can do this. Color combination the very important part in the web designing. When we design a website then we are confused about the what color combination we use for our website.  It should be simple , eye catching and […]

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